Comparative Performance Of Three Local Wheat (triticum Aestivum L.) Varieties Digla, Farris And Babil In Iraq

Hussein Ali Salim, Abbas Fadhil Ali, Majida Hadi Mahdi, Donia Ali Zedan, Balkees Othman Rosoki, Hiba Salman Gasam


Three local wheat varieties (Digla, Farris and Babil) were planted in the field of Kanan region, province of Diyala during the season 2017/2018 to evaluate their comparative performance in growth characteristics. Farris variety was superior in the field approximately in all growth traits as compared with other varieties followed by Babil and Digla, its record highest rate of spike length and weight of 1000 grains 11.70 cm and 386 g respectively also it was superior in grain yield, biological yield, average of grains weight/10 spikes, Grain yield/m2 and Grain yield ton/hectare which reached 2.54 g, 5.40 g, 2.54 g, 914.40 g and 9.14 ton respectively.


Digla, Farris and Babil

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ISSN: 2184-0261